Brian Perry

Ambassador and Program Coordinator

Brian, a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, brings leadership and mentorship skills to the Native Hope team. He is an Army veteran with a background working in tribal enterprises, banking, and fundraising. For the last 8 years, Brian has lived in South Dakota working with Native children as a father figure and role model. “My passion in life is to empower and inspire Native youth to transform their hopes and dreams into a positive reality.”


Danielle [Danny] Running Horse


Danielle [Danny] Running Horse, a member of the Sicangu Oyate, joins Native Hope’s team as a summer intern. She loves powwow dancing and beading, and she is passionate about promoting the Lakota culture. Through her active involvement in several Native American organizations, she hopes to teach the youth “that our culture is beautiful, so they can share it with the next generations.


Jaime Spears


In addition to being a counselor within the Native community, Jaime also serves as an ambassador for Native Hope. While sharing her story with others, she strives to affirm the strength and resiliency of the Native people and to reduce stigma around the world. She is always “striving for solutions—no matter how far-reaching they may seem!” Her optimism and boundless energy make her an invaluable member of our team.


Kansas Middletent

Ambassador/ Social Media & Community Coordinator

As an ambassador for Native Hope, Kansas brings a wide variety of experiences: coaching, teaching, and firefighting. He strongly believes in Native Hope’s vision and dedication to Native American youth and their families. He enjoys sharing this message of hope with others and values his role as a father figure to the Native children in his community.


Kyal Middletent

Leaders’ Society Coordinator

Kyal brings versatility to Native Hope with his unique set of skills and keen leadership qualities. His experiences living both on and off the reservation profoundly impacted his life and gave him a new perspective on many Native issues. He firmly believes that “our lives become richer when we work together and empower each other toward positive change.”


Trisha Burke

Executive Director

Trisha enters her third year at Native Hope with a continued belief in its mission to empower young Native Americans. Prior to Native Hope, she taught English and directed theatre for 24 years. Her years as a leader not only in the classroom but also within the community have afforded her a unique viewpoint from which to lead the Native Hope team.