Native Hope celebrates education as a lifelong undertaking that raises self-esteem and opens new horizons for youth. These Native American youth are leaders and mentors for the next generation. They know their culture and embrace it as part of who they are.


Teen suicide, domestic abuse, rape, and sex trafficking are urgent issues plaguing Native American youth living on reservations. The truth can be unsettling, but it needs to be told. Most importantly, real people desperately need help.


Language. Tradition. Ceremonies. Art. Family. For Native Americans, these things aren’t just parts of their lives; they form their identity. Our goal is not just to see Native American culture preserved, but honored, embraced, and thriving.


Where We Work

Native Hope is based in Chamberlain, South Dakota—a state picturesque in its natural beauty, including wide open plains, rushing rivers, the awe-inspiring Badlands, and the stunning forests of the Black Hills. It is also home to nine Native American reservations and four of the poorest counties in the United States.


Fellowship Program

The Native Hope Fellowship Program empowers creativity and leadership in Indigenous Peoples and their communities. The initiative creates and supports opportunities and funding for individuals to develop their vision and improve Indian Country.

Each year, Native Hope will support a group of Fellows with a mission to create an impact for Native Americans.

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Leaders’ Society

The Native Hope Leaders' Society is a group of young Native Americans who are inspired to have unique conversations and make a difference in their community. Monthly meetings and events help to empower this group to have a voice and to inspire ways they can take positive action and become strong leaders for their tribes.


Ambassador Program

Native Hope’s ambassadors are part of a growing number of young Native Americans who are finding their voice and are determined to make a change.

They are determined to change the way their culture is perceived. Determined to stand up for what’s right and protect their elders and young children. Determined to find a way to be a part of today’s society and still keep their Native American heritage alive. They come from a line of strong, courageous warriors who did everything in their power to carry on their traditions and way of life.

If you are interested in one of our ambassadors speaking at your school, conference, forum, or other event, please contact us.


We're building something for our children, our future.

Pathfinder Center Security

Women have stable, safe housing and are protected from traffickers. The 14 rooms in the shelter are now secured, and the women can become part of a healthy, safe community of support that provides assistance while they address pressing legal, medical, and emotional needs.

Girls on the Run

A signature program for EmBE works to empower young girls and promote lifelong fitness. This ten-week transformational program is based on physical activity, and it encourages positive youth development for girls in 3rd-5th grades.

CASA Advocate Training

Advocates are appointed by a judge to represent on behalf of an abused and/or neglected child. CASA works to find these advocates to train and assign them to a child so that every child in the program is living in a safe and stable environment and operating at his/her full potential.

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