On some reservations, the suicide rate is 10 times the national average.

Sex trafficking among American Indian girls and women is at crisis levels.

1 in 3 Native American women reports being raped.

40% of students on reservations won’t graduate high school.

These are not just statistics.
These are our friends, our families, our people.


We’re fighting for their future.

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The Lakota word “OKOLAKICIYE” [oh – koh – lah – kee – chee – yea] translates to “Fellowship”—something Native Americans hold dear. They built their communities on the idea of “mutual support” and friendship. Native Hope’s mission is to dismantle barriers for Native voices unheard that is why we have developed a Fellowship program: to support the work of those who are doing amazing things against harsh odds. We are proud to introduce the 2018 Inaugural Class of Native Hope Fellows.

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Native America: The Untold Story

Many of us are aware of the serious challenges facing Native Americans today. However, do we really understand just how critical the situation is? This is a part of America’s story that is not often told in its entirety, and it quite often remains hidden from view.

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It is still dark when Waylon rises. As the first rays of sunlight peer over the hills, he ties his shoes, adjusts his headphones, steps out into the dusky morning. He runs mile after mile, reflecting...

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March Spotlight: Celebrating Native American Women

March is Women’s History Month, and we are excited to highlight and tell the stories of many strong, inspiring Native American women, both past and present, who have made an impact in the world...

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Native Max Beauty

Our Native American culture is a living, breathing entity. It is a tapestry of tradition and values passed on from generation to generation. Today, many of us are aware of the challenges facing...

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