On some reservations, the suicide rate is 10 times the national average.

Sex trafficking among American Indian girls and women is at crisis levels.

1 in 3 Native American women reports being raped.

40% of students on reservations won’t graduate high school.

These are not just statistics.
These are our friends, our families, our people.


We’re fighting for their future.

Join Us

This holiday season you can provide a Native American family a home.

Due to the meth epidemic many homes sit empty and boarded up. We are partnering with the Crow Creek Tribal Housing Authority and the Bureau of Indian Affairs to renovate homes and provide housing for homeless Native families.


Together, let’s make this a season of hope.

Give a tax-deductible gift today and join us in our work as we dismantle barriers and inspire hope for Native voices unheard.


Join the Circle of Hope!

The Circle of Hope is a community of people dedicated to give monthly to bring hope and change to the next generation of Native Americans. When you join the Circle of Hope, you invest in the future. We won't stop working until every Native American child has a real opportunity to grow up full of hope and to follow their dreams.

Download our ebook: A Case for Hope

There’s a cry for social justice stirring in the hearts of a generation, yet it’s a cry that is only just starting to be heard. Read the ebook to learn how young Native Americans are embracing change, cultural identity, mentorship, and more.

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Native America: The Untold Story

Many of us are aware of the serious challenges facing Native Americans today. However, do we really understand just how critical the situation is? This is a part of America’s story that is not often told in its entirety, and it quite often remains hidden from view.

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